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We refer to collective incineration when the animals are burned together in the same oven.

It is the incineration of a sun-baked animal cremator, with the collection and delivery of ashes in an urn

At all times the animal is identified. During the process there are different control points to ensure that it is. That's why at the time of delivery of the ashes, we give a certificate as the ashes belong to your pet.

The ashes do not smell. They can be kept perfectly inside the house.

The incineration process of an animal varies according to its size and weight. Normally the incineration process usually lasts between 1 and 3 hours

Our company offers 3 types of urns to choose without price increase.

In addition, we have a whole range of different balloons, metal, ceramics, wood, biodegradable, reliquary and silver jewelery in our catalog that have an added cost.

There is no problem to attend the individual incineration of your pet. At the pet grocery store in Barcelona we have two dismissal rooms and a large waiting room for this use.

Once the animal reaches our facilities, we promise to give ashes in a week at most.

We always adapt to the needs of the owners. Therefore, there is no problem postponing the cremation date as long as you are aware 24 hours in advance.

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